Board of Equalization

If you meet the requirements as outlined in the Board of Equalization policy and want to have your property evaluated, please submit a letter of request to BMID Board of Equalization. This letter may be sent at anytime during the year but must be in the BMID office by November 15th. The Board of Equalization meets once a year at 2:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday in December. The Board is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.

Board of Equalization Policy

Any request to remove assessments from currently assessed property within the District will be evaluated by the Board of Directors under the following criteria:

  • PARCEL SIZE: No adjustment will be made for any property which is less than one-quarter (¼) of an acre.

  • SLOPE: For an adjustment due to the slope, the slope must be more than 45% over the entire area to be withdrawn from assessment.

  • SOIL: For an adjustment due to the soil type, the property must be unsuitable for grazing or for any crop over the entire area to be withdrawn from assessment.

  • The Board, in its discretion, may take any or all of the required criteria into account in making a determination and may also consider any additional factors which affect the parcel .

  • The party requesting the removal of the assessments shall provide a written request for removal and objective evidence for the criteria relied upon for removal. Examples of which are as follows: a topographical survey or an aerial map or soils survey. The written request for removal together with the objective evidence shall be delivered to the District's office at least ten (10) days prior to the District Board meeting in November. The request for removal shall be considered at the Board's regular December meeting and if approved by the Board the change will be implemented with the next year's assessment roll..

  • If any property from which the assessment has been removed is subsequently irrigated using the District water without prior written approval of the District, the property shall be subject to an imposition of all assessments from the date of removal to the date of imposition, plus interest at the legal rate and any other applicable penalties. The payment of assessments, interest and penalties will not be construed as approval by the District for the property to receive District water in the future and the property may only use District water after complying with the process for Adding Assessments to the Property..

Noted as part of the minutes of the regular board meeting held on May 3, 2017.


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