Current Outages are as follows:

If you are experiencing discoloration in your domestic water, please run water through your bathtub faucet for 10-15 minutes or until it runs clear.  This discoloration is because of the leak repair near a mainline and the water having to be shut off for a short time.  It is mineral deposits that are from the water and have accumulated on the pipes.  This does not make the water harmful in anyway.

If you are experiencing lower pressures be sure to check your filter and clean it.  From April through mid-June the river is extremely dirty and therefore so is the irrigation water.  If you have cleaned your filter and are still experiencing extremely low pressures please call the office during regular business hours and we will have a crew member check the area for any issues.  Thank you!

*Lack of Irrigation water is not an emergency.  Please call the office during regular business hours to report the issue. Thank you! 









     Badger Mountain Irrigation District

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