The Annual Irrigation Season

The typical BMID irrigation season lasts about 200 days. The average start date is April 2nd and the average stop date is October 18th of each year. The actual start and stop dates are set each year by the BMID Board of Directors and are announced in advance in the spring and again in the fall.

The Spring 2019 Irrigation Start-up Schedule

BMID will begin admitting water to our customers on
Monday morning April 1st*, and should conclude with full operation District-wide on April 12th. When you receive water depends on where you are located within the District. (*Due to the late winter weather there was a delay in the initial start up dates. The new dates, shown above, are based on weather permitting.)

The Fall 2019 Irrigation Shut Down Schedule

The usual time for irrigation shut off is mid-October. The stop date for the 2019 Residential Irrigation Season will be
determined at the September Board Meeting..

Typical Water Usage

Two distinct user groups are supplied irrigation water through the District’s distribution system: Residential and Agricultural. Combined, the District is currently delivering water to over 4200 acres. Water consumption averages between 3.0 to 3.5 acre feet/acre/year. One acre-foot contains 325,829 gallons.




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