About BMID

About BMID

The Badger Mountain Irrigation District was formed in 1975 to bring irrigation water to previously dry and undeveloped land along the south slopes of Badger Mountain and vicinity. By 1977. Irrigation water was being delivered to almost the entire 4,000-acre district. Currently BMID is delivering pressurized irrigation water to over 4,800 acres.

Drinking Water System

BMID is also your potable water purveyor. We own, operate, and maintain the drinking (potable) water system. Currently, the District serves over 850 homes (approximately 1,800 people) in the greater Rancho Reata area. The source of our drinking water is from two deep wells (905’ & 645’) located in the immediate area. The original water system was installed at the same time as the original irrigation system in 1976. BMID purchased this system from the El Rancho Water Company in May 1995. At that time, there were approximately 425 homes in the District service area. District personnel monitor the system daily for proper operation. Routine bacteriological tests are taken twice monthly and residual chlorine samples are taken randomly 5 days per week. In addition, numerous other water quality tests are taken as described in the annual Consumer Confidence Report. Our domestic water system also provides the necessary fire protection water to the homes in the area.

Where Our Irrigation Water Comes From

The source of our irrigation water is the McNary Pool which is a little over two miles north of Rancho Reata. The District owns, operates, and maintains a large pump station at the Yakima River Delta. There are a total of six vertical shaft turbine pumps comprising a total of 8,000 HP. These pumps push the water a distance of about 2.5 miles with a vertical lift of 560’ through a 4-foot diameter steel pipe to an open reservoir and nearby booster station. This main booster station pressurizes the water for all irrigated agricultural and residential properties south of Badger Mountain.