Drinking Water Rates

Drinking Water Rates

The following rates are effective as of January 1, 2024

* c.f. = cubic foot                        1 c.f. of water = 7.48 gallons

Domestic water is metered. Meters are read every two months:
February, April, June, August, October, December. It is the customer’s responsibility to have their payments in office by the due date. It is advisable to contact the office if you have not received your water bill by the 15th of the months listed above. This will help you to avoid late charges, water shut-off notices or termination of water. Payments can be made through your bank’s bill pay, by mail or in the drop box.* 

*Coming Soon: Pay online option, check back to see if it is up and running!

BMID accepts cash or check. Checks may be mailed in or deposited in the white drop box outside our office.
*REMINDER: If you’re using the bill pay option through your bank, make sure you allocate enough time for your payment to be received in office by the due date. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their payment arrives in office on time. All bill pays are a physical check, sent via USPS and may take up to 10 days to arrive in office.

Domestic and irrigation accounts must be paid by separate checks.

It is the customer’s responsibility to properly maintain access to the BMID water meter. Specifically, keep the immediate area around the meter free of rubbish, debris, rocks or covering vegetation so it is visible and easily accessible for the crew to read and do any required maintenance. In addition, please do not park or store vehicles, trailers, or RVs over the meter box.

If access to the meter is blocked or covered, BMID will issue a correction notice to the homeowner.