Irrigation Policy


A Resolution of the Board of Directors of Badger Mountain Irrigation District establishing the Residential Irrigation Water Distribution Regulations.

  • Watering is encouraged between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to minimize evaporative losses.
  • Over-watering due to prolonged irrigation, blown sprinkler heads and or leaks should be avoided. Some examples of over-watering are: ponding of water or run-off onto the street. The District recommends that irrigation customers adhere to local best management practices for turf watering. BMID customers are encouraged to seek advice from local soil conservation Districts, WSU Extension Service and local sod companies. If over-watering continues to occur after written notification by BMID, the District reserves the right to terminate the situation by shutting off the service outlet. A $60.00 disconnect/reconnect fee will be charged before service is restored.
  • Every lot must have a distribution box and valve accessible by the District. Valves and equipment within distribution boxes are the property of the District. Irrigation customers are to supply their own emergency shut-off valve somewhere downstream of the District-owned distribution outlet. No person or persons other than District personnel shall operate equipment within the distribution boxes. No changes or alterations are allowed within BMID valve boxes.

The following is a summary of the District’s billing and notice procedures:

January 15
On or before January 15, the District Secretary-Manager determines the assessment roll or the respective segregation. (RCW87.03.270 1st paragraph)

February 15
Assessments due and payable (RCW 87.03.270, 1st paragraph)

March 15 – April 15
Water Service begins. No service if the prior year is unpaid.

April 1
By April 1, the Treasurer of the District shall send a statement of assessments due. (RCW 87.03.270, 4th paragraph)

April 30th
Last day for receipt of first half irrigation assessments (Irrigated and Non-Irrigated) to be received before assessments become delinquent. Payment for the first half must be received at the BMID District office by this date or they will be considered delinquent. Or if mailed in, payment must be postmarked by April 30. If the first half assessment is not paid by April 30, the entire assessment is delinquent and then becomes due and payable. However, if the first half payment is received by this date, the second half of the assessment will not be due and payable until October 31. First-half assessments are only applicable to assessments of ten dollars ($10.00) or more. Payment for the second half of the assessment must be received at the BMID office by no later than October 31. Payments received after this date are considered delinquent. Or if mailed in, mail-in payments must be postmarked by October 31 to avoid being delinquent. (RCW 87.03.270, 2nd paragraph and RCW 1.12.070)

May 1
First-half assessments if not paid by April 30 are delinquent on the first day of May and the entire assessment shall bear interest at the rate of twelve (12%/annum) computed on a monthly basis and without compounding, from the date of the delinquency until paid. (RCW 87.03.270, 2nd.paragraph)

May 15 – 30
Water is terminated between May 15 and May 30 if the first half of the full assessment is not paid. A $60.00 Administrative/Operational Fee will be charged in addition to the assessment due along with accrued interest. Full payment is required prior to the restoration of the irrigation service.

September 15 – 30th
A notice will be mailed to all lots/parcels that have the second half balance due.

October 31st
Assessments for the second half are due and payable for all irrigated and non-irrigated parcels. (RCW 87.03.270, 2nd paragraph)

November 1st
Second-half assessments shall become delinquent on the first day of November and shall bear interest at the rate of twelve (12%) per annum computed on a monthly basis and without compounding, from the date of the delinquency (November 1) until paid. (RCW 87.03.270, 2nd paragraph)

WHEREAS, the District has an obligation to actively seek collection for irrigation assessments in the same budget year the costs have been incurred.
WHEREAS, the District has the policy to discontinue irrigation service to residential parcels during the same irrigation season for non-payment of assessments and,
WHEREAS, residential parcels are typically less than 10 acres and,
WHEREAS, the annual delivery of irrigation water (Irrigation Season) generally may begin as early as March 15th and ends no later than October 31st of each year.
ADOPTED by the Board of Directors of the Badger Mountain Irrigation District, Benton County Washington at a regular open meeting, on the 5TH day of August 2009.

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