March 18, 2024

The 2024 Irrigation season start-up will begin on or about April 1st with area wide service available to all customers on or about April 15th, weather permitting. During the start-up process water may come on and off. After April 15th any outages will be listed on the BMID website.  Irrigation customers are urged to make sure that the shut-off valve to their irrigation system is in the closed position prior to the spring start-up to avoid possible flooding or erosion to their own or their neighbor’s property.
Please do not call the office until after April 15th for no water or low pressure calls. Starting on April 16th current outages will be posted to the website.
Thank you for you patience as our crew works diligently to get water on in all areas!

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Areas below are experiencing an outage: Thank you for your patience as our crew works to get maintenance or repairs done and water back on!

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